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Data last updated: 2014-02-25


COSMIC, the "Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer," is an online database of somatic mutations found in human cancer. Focused exclusively on non-inherited acquired mutations, COSMIC combines information from a range of sources, curating the described relationships between cancer phenotypes and gene (and genomic) mutations. This data is then made available in a number of ways including here in the UCSC genome browser, on the COSMIC website with custom analytical tools, via a federated Biomart, or offline via datasheets downloaded from the FTP site. Publications using COSMIC as a data source may cite any of our references below.


The data in COSMIC is curated from a number of high-quality sources and combined into a single resource. The sources include:

Information on known cancer genes, selected from the Cancer Gene Census is curated manually to maximise its descriptive content. Data from large scale systematic screens are curated semi-automatically, using Vagrent software to reannotate mutant genomic positions (version 0.1 is described at VAGrENT: Variation Annotation Generator). The full curated dataset is exported from the COSMIC database in CSV format for uploading to UCSC for each bimonthly release; this file is also available on the COSMIC FTP site.


  • Dense - Indicate the positions where COSMIC mutations have been annotated in a single horizontal track
  • Squish - Indicate each mutation, in vertical pileups where appropriate, whilst minimizing screen space used.
  • Pack - Indicate each mutation with COSMIC identifier (COSMnnnnn), mutation annotation, overall mutation frequency and tissues affected, with a link to further details.
  • Full - Show each mutation in detail, one per line, with COSM identifier, mutation annotation, overall mutation frequency and tissues affected, with a link to even further details.


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